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Online identification keys

For Taxonomists
look for journals, biosys, about types,

For Collectors
look for information about collecting, permits, preserving and relaxing your specimens, search for localities, and more..

Species World

is next species going be named after you?

Technical Accesories, info for Preparation
GPS, Cars, glue, entomological pins info


Prizes for Natural History Reseach

Money for the Natural History Research
Foundations supporting Natural History Research, Grants etc.

The World Science
The latest science gossips.

Cites - Convention on International Trade in Endengered Species.


Locality Search

GPS = General positioning Systems

Free translation
English,French,German,Spanish,Portugese, japanese,Italian

Rearing and Breeding

Measurement Units


Marking Insects - ants, beetles.




For Your Interest

The Insect and Spider Collections of the World

Entomology Newsgroups
now in google



BUBL LINK (UK) - Selected Internet resources covering all academic subject areas

Search the BigHub.

Global Earth History


subscribe COLEOPTERA listserver HERE

subscribe CARABIDAE listserver HERE

What are Listservers for?

List of Listservers in Entomology

Search Archives of listservers

On Insects, Protection and Conservation Strategies

Search Environmental Organisation WebDirect

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