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iPhone and iPad Applications
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 stands for DEscription Language for TAxonomy. The DELTA system consists of a flexible format for coding descriptive taxonomic information and a set of associated programs which manipulate the data to produce natural-language descriptions and keys, interactive identification and information retrieval, and to convert data into formats required by programs for phenetic and cladistic analysis.

DELTA ftp site

MS Access for DELTA

An integrated DELTA database management software for Windows 95/98/NT

AGIS - mapping software

3I Interactive Keys and Taxonomic Databases
3I (Internet-accessible Interactive Identification) is a set of software tools for creating on-line identification keys, taxonomic databases, and virtual taxonomic revisions.

Platypus - database
create database of specimens with biogeographical and geographical data, very nice database of journals and museums included.

Nexus - dataeditor for Windows
NDE (NEXUS Data Editor) is a program to create and edit NEXUS format data files on computers running Microsoft Windows 95/NT 4.0. The main motivation behind my writing the program was to provide an easy to use data editor similar to that provided in the Macintosh program MacClade (note that NDE has none of the data or tree analysis features of MacClade). The NEXUS format is becoming more widely used on PCs now that DOS and Windows versions of PAUP* are available for testing.

PAUP - Nexus

LVB - free phylogeny program
for MAC and PC, for Windows 95, 98 and NT
LVB is intended for use where there is a very large amount of information (e.g., hundreds of aligned DNA sequences). The program was written to investigate use of the heuristic known as simulated annealing in the search for parsimonious phylogenetic trees.

Buggy Software of the University of Florida

DMap - mapping software
creating both distribution and coincidence maps on high quality

another Computer programs for plotting distributional data.

Download X:ID
X:ID is an XML-based identification and diagnostic key software system. It allows users to create their own web-based diagnostic or identification keys and run them over locally or over the web.

Worldmap (BMNH)

BioLink - CSIRO Australia
Integrated software for the collection, maintenance, analysis, application and dissemination of taxonomic, biodiversity and environmental information.

Insect Collector Database
Suitable for any type of insect collection. Record each specimen in your collection including collecting data and images.
Reference records can also be created in addition to specimen records, allowing the user to have a database of desired species and creation of a master list. Selectable and editable species reference lists including web links and image fields to create your own species references.

Macintosh software for wildlife recording and collection management:

TAXIS is a database management system designed for biologists (professionals as well as amateurs). The main purpose of this software is to provide an interactive and user-friendly tool to facilitate processing of taxonomic information: keeping records of biological collections, studying collected specimens by recording characters, photographs, drawings, etc.

Orthoptera DB
relational database manager for entomologists

 is a powerful software package that runs on the Microsoft Windows Operating System and allows the user to search remote databases for published material of interest. - english, italian and duch version available.

The Specify Software Project is delighted to announce the availability of Specify 6, a museum and herbarium collections data management system for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Specify 6 processes specimen information for computerizing holdings, for tracking collection management transactions, and for mobilizing species occurrence data to the internet. Specify is free and open source licensed.

Ecology Software by Hsin Chi

Cladistic Software Newsletter
For anyone using or interested in using the suite of cladistic programs NONA, PIWE, DADA, CLADOS, and WinCLADA


CD-ROM titles in Entomology

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