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Alarming News

About collecting

White-collar Organized Crime in Entomology
unknown author


ENTOMOLOGICAL EVENTS CALENDAR Meetings, bursas festivals etc.

Academically Correct Biological Science

Estonian Insects News

Tobin tale by D.Yanega

The XVIIIth (New) International Congress of Zoology
Athens, Greece - 2000

Nordic & Baltic Congress of Entomology

4 - 6 June, 2000 Symposium Biogeography of Southeast Asia 2000

XXII International congress of Entomology - Brisbane -Australia

15-21 August 2004.

The 3rd combined Australian and New Zealand Entomological Societies Conference
When: 28 August, 2011 1 September, 2011
Where: Christchurch, New Zealand

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