Coleoptera Bibliography
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Aquatic Coleoptera

Dryopoidea of the World

World Bibliography of Buprestidae compiled by Bellamy, Charles

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Bibliography of Buprestidae compiled by Gigli, Mauricio

An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles

Gallica, bibliothèque numérique de la Bibliothèque nationale de France
book in latin

Fauna Germanica I - V,
and "Systematisches Verzeichnis der Käfer Deutschlands" (1909)


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Angelini, Fernando

Assing, Volker - Staphylinidae

Assmann, Thorsten

Baehr, Martin - Carabidae

Barsevskis, Arvids - Latvian Beetles

Bellamy, Charles - Buprestidae

Bell, Karen

Beutel, Rolf G.

Bílý, Svatopluk - Buprestidae

Biström, Olof -

Bunalski, Marek - Scarabaeidae

Canzoneri, Silvano (1941 -1995)

Carl, Michael - Tenebrionidae

Clark, Wayne -Curculionidae

Darylmaz, Mustafa C.

Degallier, Nicolas - Histeridae

Epler, John - water beetles

Egorov, Leonid

Endrody-Younga, Sebastian - biblography

Ferrer, Julio

Flores, Gustavo E.

Fresnada, Janvier

Geiser (Just) , Elisabeth

Gerstmeier, Roland

Gorb, Stanislav

Grimm, Ronald

Hanks, Larwrence M.

Harwood, James D -

Hava, Jiri

Hawkeswood, Trevor

Herrmann, Andreas

Hörnschemeyer, Thomas

Jäch, Manfred

Keith, Denis

Koch, Carl + - Tenebrionidae

John Lawrence

Legrand, Jean-Philippe

Maes, Jean Michael

Majka, Christopher

Masumoto, Kimio - Tenebrionidae

Mazur, Slawek - Histeridae orbis

Meissner, Andreas

Merkl, Otto - Tenebrionidae - (Lagriidae)

Mermudes, Jose Ricardo M.

Monne, Miguel - Cerambycidae

Mühle, Hans

Nearns, Eugenio H.

Oliva, Adriana

Oromi, Pedro

Oudhia, Pankaj

Philips, T. Keith

Plohl, M. and Ugarkovic, D. - bibliography.

Pollock, Darren A. - bibliography

Puthz, Volker - Staphylinidae

Pütz, Andreas

Ratti, Enrico

Rejzek, Martin (Cerambycidae)

Renner, Klaus

Riedel, Alexander

Richman, David

Ruicanescu, Adrian

Sama, Gianfranco

Schawaller, Wolfgang - Tenebrionidae, Silphidae

Schoeller, Matthias

Slipinski, Adam

Shilenkov, Victor G.

Solis, Angel

Sprecher-Uebersax, Eva -

Telnov, Dmitry - bibliography

Thomas, Michael

Vaz-de-Mello, Fernando Z.

Warchalovsky, Andrzej

Westcott, Richard L. - Buprestidae

Wiesner, Jürgen

Will,Kipling W.

Woodruff, Robert E,

Zhou, Hongzhang


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