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Wikispecies - Coleoptera

Beetles and coleopterists

in english and russian

What is Coleoptera by D.R.Maddison ( Arizona Univ.)

Beetles on Line (Coleopterists homepage - Gigli,M.)

Beetles by A.Bochdansky & M.Kriftner

english / german

Order Coleoptera by Shau-Shau-Lin

mostly Scarabaeidae and Lucanidae

Insects Collections by Iowa State Entomology Index.

An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles (by Chuck Bellamy)

Fauna net of the Australian Museum


Catalogue of Life
Species 2000, ITIS

Encyclopedia of Life

IUCN Red list of Threatened Species
International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

UCN Red list of Threatened Species - 2
Red list organisation

Atlas of Living Australia
The Atlas of Living Australia is a five-year project funded under the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).


Insectos de Argentina y el Mundo (Eduardo Carletti)

Calodema - by Trevor J Hawkeswood


Amphizoa - (Weiping Xie)

Aquatic insects of Michigan - Coleoptera

Biodiversity in Paraguay by Ulf Drechsel

Buprestidae home page (Chuck Bellamy)

Carabidae, Platyp., Buprestidae...

Cetonidae by Maik Petzold

CLERIDAE (Roland Gerstmeier)

Coccinelidae de Chile

Coleoptera of the N.Zealands

Coleoptera of Central Europe (T.Kopecky)

Coleoptera of Ghana - byChristoph Lindner-Ohlsen

Coleoptera of Senegal
par Alain Coache et par d’autres

Coleoptera by U.S. Dep. of Agriculture

Chilean Coleoptera

Cicindelidae - Tiger beetles

Coleotteri del Bellunese by Enzo Gatti & Andrea Fabbri

Curculionidae web page


Histeridae (By Jeff Gruber)

Scarabaeirormia of America (Uni of Nebraska St.Museum)i)

Scarabaeidae especially from the rainforest.

Stag Beetles of Taiwan

Staphylinidae - NSF PEET Grant

Japanese Stag beetle

Tenebrionidae by J.Ferrer and Siavash Taravati

TENEBRIONIDAE page of Mr. Tichy

Search for Tenebrionidae

Entomology on WWW by Colorado St.Uni.

Water Beetle Research Centre - Vienna

Water beetles World - Texas


City Bugs, University of California, Berkeley

Discovering Entomology by NHM UK

Dr.Beetle - a view on biology from a beetle perspective!

World Education Films - UK

Beetles of Sydney

Eating bugs site



Allen Sundholm (Australia)
do not work

Peter G. Kevan, Uni of Guelph, Ontario

Gordon's Insects World

José.M. Hernández (Madrid)

Stanislav Krejcik - illustrated exchenge list.


Look on our Projects ...
The Buprestoidea, Biodiversity N.Guinea, and others...


Entomologists Private Pages

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